Selling vinyl

We sell both new and second hand vinyl.

We carefully inspect our second hand vinyl. If necesssary we wash and listen to it to make sure the quality is good and we only sell useable records. Sometimes we repair record sleeves. Defect inner sleeves are replaced. If you are unhappy with your purchase at any point, you can change it.

Our selection of new vinyl mainly consists of reissued classics. We also import new vinyl.

Most of our catalogue you will find on contact us If you see a record you would like to buy, just let us know so we can reserve it for you.

Also we have a section of records for 1,- Euro. These are the unassorted records outside and the unpriced 7”es inside the shop. Here you will find nice items in useable state.

You can also buy plastic protective record sleeves (various sizes) and vinyl suitcases from us.

All our vinyl is in our shop. Feel free to contact us with any questions.